Solarenergie für Afrika

Konferenz in Düsseldorf vom 4.-6. September 2003

Program of the conference "Solar Energy for Africa"

from 4. to 6. September 2003 in Düsseldorfpatron: Mrs. Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

thursday, 4.9.03

opening of the conference

by the organizers (Prof.Weinkauf, university and Muepu Muamba, Dialog International);
some words of felicitation from Mrs. Wieczorek-Zeul, Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (Patron);
Words of felicitation from Mrs. Bärbel Höhn, Minister of Environment NRW;
short presentation of the Network of African Organisations and Groups in Düsseldorf on environmental problems in Africa, thus what is expected of the conference.

panel discussion
Rio, Kyoto, Johannesburg - when will Solar-technology make a boom ? / Emission trading - what are Africa's chances ?

participants: Dr. Dieter Seifert, Neuötting, EG-Solar,
Wolfgang Scheffler, Aislingen, Solar Bridge,
Jürgen Kleinwächter, Lörrach, BSR-Solar,
Prof. Klemens Schwarzer, Solar Institute Jülich
presentation: Dr. Christoph Sutter, Zürich, ETH, globosol/ULOG

opening of a photo-exibition by Ursula Ströbele with a music contribution of "Afrikamusica"

On the first evening of the conference the exhibition of the photo artist Ursula Ströbele was opened. The exhibiton presented in a artistic matter a picture of the social realaty of the Africans living in NRW and a documentation of activities and events of the Network in the preparation process of the conference...

friday, 5. 9. 03

the begining of Solar-age

Dr. Hermann Scheer (Member of Federal parliament, President of Eurosolar, etc.)

circle of topics: Techniques

presentation: Morro Ceesay
Jürgen Kleinwächter (the solar power village),
Wolfgang Scheffler (the scheffler-mirror),
Dr. Bernd Hafner (SEWA-Projekte),
Rüdiger Jung (the solar dryer),
Prof. Klemens Schwarzer (der Schwarzer-cooker),
Dr. Dieter Seifert (Spreading of Solar Cooking by the Educational System)

FORUM 1 (in German)

presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Alan Bellhomo, VKII

European- African cooperation in the usage of solar energy: A contribution to environmental protection and the development of Africa (Excerpt)

Dr. Gerhard Knies, DPhG, Hamburger Klimaschutz-Fonds e.V.

Panel discussion
European Solar-Alliances for environmental protection, conflict prevention and Africa's development.

Mr El Mahdaoui, representing the Ambassador of Morocco,
Mr El Hori, co. Medoil, representing the libyan Ambassador (Applications of Renewable Energy in Libya)
Dr. Ing. Hani M. El Nokraschy, Chairman of the Egyptain - German - Society, North; representative of Egyptian Ambassador
Prof. Michael Düren, university Gießen, DPhG
Dr. Gerhard Knies, DPhG, Hamburger Klimaschutz-Fonds e.V.
Mr Jürgen Kleinwächter, BSR-Solar, Lörrach
presentation: Dr. Michael Schmidt, Universität Düsseldorf

the "Scheffler-Mirror", it's technique and its application to cook, cool, sterilise and to extract salt from seawater to be able to use the water for domestic purposes

Wolfgang Scheffler, solar bridge

Solar bakery in Burkina Faso

Jens Kötter, Solarinstitut Jülich

Solar-driers - chances and problems

Rüdiger Jung, ULOG / Steffi Gawrisewicz

FORUM 2 (in English)

presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Jérôme Nana Monteu (VKII)

Wood Fuel Scarcity in the Sahel and the Potential of Solar Cookers (Excerpt)

Dr. Paul Krämer

Renewable energies from UNIFEM's perspectives (Excerpt)

Dr. Jeannette Spenlen, UNIFEM

inset of solar cookers in a women's organisation (Excerpt)

Dr. Bernd Hafner

How the Micro-credit-System works e.g. Congo

Emmanuel Bisimwa Mulashe (Congo)

How the renting of solar-lamps works

Siegfried Popp, Berufsschule Freilassing

FORUM 3 (in German)

presentation: Dr.A.Wais, AASF

What programs and support does the Federal Ministry of works offer for the reintegration of qualified workers coming from developing and transforming countries, when they decide to go back to their countries of origin.

Gregor Schulz, National Labour Office

Skill-training program on solar energy for Africans preparing to go home to get in their countries established.

Dipl.-Ing. Abdallah Diop, Tschad, AASF

Usage of Solar-lamps in the villages

Dipl.-Ing. Achtari, Freiburg, AASF

Solar-cooling / refrigeration

Michael Andres

FORUM 4 (in German)

presentation: Grace Obot

seawater desalinmation

Matthias Rommel, Fraunhofer Institute Freiburg

Comparing Ulog - Lazola box-cookers

Joseph Hasler / Rolf Behringer

saturday, 6. September 2003

Thoughts about the successes and failures of small projects (Excerpt)

Elmar Dimpl, GTZ

Forum 1 solar cooking (German)

presentation: Grace Obot

How to promote solar-cooking in Europe

Dr. Michael Götz, ULOG

Experiences from Mozambique und Namibia / with big Mobil Solar-kitchen

Rolf Behringer

Solar-cooker "papillon", its technique and development history (Excerpt)

Jochen Dessel

Forum 2 Schoolpartnership (German)

presentation: Abdallah Diop, AASF

The EduaRD-Project in Hamburg

Clemens Krühler

the Zanzibar project / distribution of Solux-Lamps

Andrea Karsten

Solar electricity for Schuldorf Baumgartsbrunn/Namibia

Dr. Peter Deininger

School partnership between Germany and Africa e.g Ghana (Excerpt)

Dr. Sam Essiamah, Ghana, AASF

Forum 3 (German)

presentation: Jérôme Nana Monteu (VKII)

Winning water for domestic purposes out of saltwater e.g. in Tunisia. (Excerpt)

Dr. Hermann Uchtmann

Solar energy in resolving water crises in Cameroon

Dipl.-Ing. Alain Bellhomo (VKII)

Experiences of German companies in Photovoltaic projects in Africa

Raphael Wiese (Club for rural electrification)

Forum 4 (English)

presentation: Dr. Diallo Boussouriou

The usefulness of solar technology in tropical Pharmaceutics (Excerpt)

Dr. Keith Lindsey, anamed

final plenum (German)
transfer of technologie for solar energy - what do Africans do, what can the german politic contribute?

presentation: Morro Ceesay
participants: Michael Müller, MdB, Raphael Wiese CLE, Dipl. Ing, Tameru Beshah u.a.