Solarenergie - Chance für Afrika

The Guardian, November 16, 2004

Va-va voom - via solar power or chip fat

Around the globe, engineers are working to produce the green car of the future. Here are the pros and cons of some of the energy sources which may revolutionise the vehicles of tomorrow and in some cases have already found their way into the cars of the environmentally friendly.
The Guardian, November 3, 2004

Solar eclipse

A lack of state backing is causing Britain to fall behind in the race to draw power from the sun's rays. Martin Hodgson on the slow take-up of PV technology
Independent, 25 September 2004

How to cut heating bills and stay warm

Changing energy supplier may help a bit but insulation is still the best way to save money, says Nick Clayton
Independent, 29 September 2004

Sunny side up

One month into his self-build project and the plot is ready for the builders. However, the climate can affect the design - even in Clapham
The Observer, October 3, 2004

Solar power for all new homes

John Prescott has demanded that all new homes built in Britain be designed so that they can receive solar power. Draft building regulations from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, due to come into effect in January 2006, stipulate the change.
Washington Times, September 23, 2004

Africa tapping sun to solve energy woes

Solar panels perched on the roof of Tanghin Dassouri's medical clinic have lit two decades of births and deaths for the 60,000 people in this cluster of villages just outside Ouagadougou.
Energy specialists believe that panels like these could breed a revolution in renewable energy for the world's poorest — and, many believe, sunniest — continent.
The Guardian, July 3, 2004

UK should join solar revolution

Every new home in Britain should by law be fitted with solar panels on the roof to produce electricity, Peter Hain, the secretary for Wales, said yesterday.
He said Britain was falling behind in the solar revolution, and building regulations should be altered so every new development was required to have solar electricity and water-heating panels.