Solarenergie für Afrika

Konferenz in Düsseldorf vom 4.-6. September 2003

Comments on the conference

"The conference was great! Congratulation to the whole team!"
"The convention was good. It was profitable and it had been joined many important contacts."
 A woman with two children had seen an advertising pillar with our posters on saturday morning, upon which they decided immediately to drive to the university an to join the conference. They were exited...
 "It has been a very interesting conference."
Keith Lindsey
 "Thank you very much for all the effort and the exemplary event.
It has been a big pleasure to me to can meet so many interested people and to promote the distribution of a helpful technique."
Dr.Dieter Seifert, EG-Solar
 "Congratulation to the excellent event SOLARENERGIE FÜR AFRIKA at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf and many thanks to your engaged team for the competent teamwork."
Holger Quambusch, Solar Energy World
 "Yuor event has been a big pleasure to me."
Gertrud Hollendung
 "Congratulation to your convention: to the big number of participants and also to their engagement."
Prof. Rainer Weinkauf, Uni Düsseldorf
 "The conference was great"
A participant
 "Since eight jears in Germany and never went through such a goog convention."
A participant in the final plenum
 "Heartfelt thanks for your very well done conference. It has been really impressive, that so many Africans have been here and I think that many fertile contacts have originated."
Andrea Karsten
 "I think that the conference has given some stimulation to all participantsI. For that thanks again to the organizers."
Ulrich Zimmermann, Frankfurt
 "The conference has been very interesting and has infered many contacts."
Elmar Dimpl, GTZ